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Brazil Carmo De Minas, roasted expertly by Seven Coffee Roasters
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12 Oz Coffee - Brazil Carmo De Minas - Direct Trade


Brazil Carmo De Minas - Direct Trade

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This single-origin pulped natural coffee from the Carmo De Minas region in Brazil will, at times, give you that perfect cup feeling as you're drinking it. You'll feel a solid, thick body both in flavor and texture as this coffee fills your mouth. Hints of ground, dry cinnamon permeate throughout. After the swallow, a mild lemon zest finish.

Learn more about Sergio Dias, the coffee producer that grows this coffee here.  We wrote a blog post about his story.  We've been purchasing this Brazil for Sergio for over 5 years.  We love that cycle after cycle the coffee stays fairly consistent in body and fruit notes.  This consistency helps our Espresso Huli stay consistent year after year as the Brazil is our espresso base.