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June 2017 Artist - Jazmine Giffen

I have always been artistically inclined but I think the first time I felt like a "real artist" was when, as a kid, I took an after school Arts Corps class for photography.  At the end of our class we displayed out work in the lobby of the Seattle Art Museum.  I remember how fun it was to show off my work and how proud I felt and I knew then that this was a role I felt I belonged in.
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Krista's Co.'s Soft Pretzel Baking Mix with Mustard Co.

The initial charm of Krista’s Soft Pretzel Baking Mix is its user-friendliness. While experience never hurts in the kitchen, anyone can jump into this baking kit, with its simple ingredients and easy to follow instructions, and be mixing, rolling, twisting, and baking in no time—the longest portion of the entire process is allowing the pretzel dough thirty 30 minutes to rise. Also, the kit provides almost everything you need—the only ingredients bakers need to bring to the table are a cup of warm water and a little vegetable oil and baking soda.
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Sound Brewery Old Scoundrel - Barleywine Style Ale Review

A more surprising characteristic of Old Scoundrel, which comes out after the first sip, is a distinct hoppiness. With IBUs advertised at 40, it is surprising to find the flavor of hops on the finish so explicit. This could be due to the use of Cascade hops, as advertised on the bottle. But while the obviousness of the hops is surprising, this is well balanced against the malt and sweetness. And now Old Scoundrel’s full profile is unshrouded: an inviting and reserved demeanor gives way to a big-mouthed beer with plenty to say and leaving you with plenty to think about.
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May 2017 Artist - Sierramatice Karras

We recently sat down with our May 2017 artist, Sierramatice Karras.  

Sean: How do you explain your artistic style?  What medium/tools do you work with?

Sie-ce: I make plushies sewn by hand out of fleece and felt.  Most of the patterns are my own designs.

Sean: From what/where to you draw artistic inspiration?

Sie-ce: I draw a lot of inspiration from nature as well as from mythology.

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Flying Apron Bakery

Flying Apron is completely gluten-free and no outside food is allowed, so people with hard-core celiac disease are safe to enjoy anything on the menu.
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