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Pour A Little Sugar On It

When adding sweetness to your morning, why not add in a little nutrition? Increase your anti-oxidants while you’re at it? Or boost the sweetness without jacking up your blood sugar? Let’s look at some options.
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A Moment with Kari Westphal of Daisy Sky Studio

Daisy Sky Studio is a small art studio in the basement of a Ravenna home.  The home and studio belong to Kari Westphal, our friend and neighbor near Seven Market & Cafe.  Kari has frequently shown her beautiful encaustic paintings in the shop.  We love her art, as each piece reflects skill, insight, and care of the subject, often an amazing portrayal of Puget Sound.  
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Makeda & Mingus Cafe - 10 Years Strong in PhinneyWood

Look, we all have a dream as business owners, mine is making coffee and being a part of a small close-knit community.  The reality is that you'll need to master many other tasks and skills that have nothing to do with your passion.
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Rooftop Brewing Co. Hoppin Honey Braggot Ale Review

We're looking at a new beer from our friends at Rooftop Brewing Co.  Brewmaster Craig Christian created a rarely seen Braggot Ale.  According to, Braggot is an old drink dating as far back as the 12th century in Ireland.  Traditionally a Braggot was made by combining spices with mead and beer to produce a strong drink with uncommon flavors.  
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Beginner's Guide to Pour-over Coffee

Pour-over coffee is experiencing a resurgence of popularity. When electric coffee brewers came out in the 1950s, everyone flocked to them for their efficiency and speed. Over time, however, some people have returned to older, hands-on methods for more individual control over the coffee quality. Making pour-over coffee gives that control while being easy, fun, and creative.

Once you learn the basics, you can choose your favorite pour-over coffee technique and learn how to make coffee like a pro.

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